Celebrate your culture

How do you describe your culture? Culture can be about the way we live, who we are, our religious roots or who we want to be. It’s also about traditions, whether they’re annual or everyday, formal or informal. This weekend we will be celebrating Diwali -our Hindu new year and festival of light. As part of my degree, our geography lecturer talked about youth cultures and street art. This was a completely different side to the definition of culture I grew up with. I loved growing my own youth culture. When I was much younger, culture was about… Continue reading

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7 reasons why it feels like Autumn is here already


We actually had heat waves in August. Funny how we call them heat waves when the weather should really be like that in August. Usually it might rain for Notting Hill Carnival and the Bank Holiday. Last weekend wasn’t too bad. Well, hey September you’re here already. Why is that on Thursday 1 September, the weather suddenly changed in London? Is there a seasonal clock that switches on as soon as we hit September? Only a few days into September, here’s 7 reasons why it feels like Autumn already… Continue reading

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