Parenting: What does confidence look like for children by Livvy Gormally, Let’s Ask Livvy (part 1)

On Lucky Things blog, we talk a fair bit about confidence. It’s something that comes and goes and impacts all of us. So what about confidence for our children? I met Livvy Gormally a few months ago when she shared her top tips on managing routines. Livvy is a children’s behaviour expert, applied behaviour analysis (ABA) consultant and parenting coach. I asked her to share some top tips on how we can help our kids to feel confident. Over to Livvy for part 1 of her guest post… Continue reading

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Seven reasons to get out and about with your kids

Over the past couple of months I’ve been much better at getting out and about on my own with three-year old Big Munch and Toddler Munch. To be honest, it’s taken me a while to feel really confident about going into town with two in tow. But now I’ve kind of mastered it. Seeing my friends at different events and gatherings recently reminded me why it’s so important to get out and about with our babies, toddlers and kids. Continue reading

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Why you will always be our Baby Munch – from baby to toddler

What can I say the past 18 months have flown by. About a month ago, Baby Munch started walking. I loved it that she learned to dance before walking. That’s my girl! When you aren’t planning to have any more children (or aren’t able to) having your last baby generates lots of interesting feelings.

So good news for Baby Munch, I mean Toddler Munch, as she’s loving this promotion and next phase of her life. I interviewed her recently over a bowl of rice cakes on why she’s loving life as a toddler:img_6880

Continue reading

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Lucky Things Kids: Off to Willows Activity Farm, St Albans, Hertfordshire

It was lovely taking three-year old Big Munch to Willows Activity Farm last Saturday. We had a nice daughter-mummy date. Every so often I make sure we have time just the two of us. As we’re based in North London, Willows Activity Farm is just a twenty-minute drive away. We also met some friends there which was fun. There is so much for the little ones to explore and it’s a place that’s fun for kids of all ages. Here’s 7 things we loved about Willows Activity Farm… Continue reading

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Time to Shine: Celebrating those winning moments as a parent – Guest post by Kimberly

Hey everyone, my pal Kimberly is back! You may have seen her cool post on confidence tips she picked up from a career in TV. Thanks to everyone who read her post and left a comment. Here’s Kimberly’s second post for Lucky Things (I’m secretly hoping there will be many more..). Parenting isn’t supposed to be straightforward. We also can’t put pressure on ourselves to be perfect parents and bring up ‘perfect’ children.

Over to the lovely Kimberly who tells us about those precious winning moments as a parent… Continue reading

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Seven things I loved about The Mama Squad Assemble…

_MG_6144I first came across Mama Squad on Instagram. It’s a community set up by the lovely Donna. It’s all about celebrating mamas and supporting each other. Donna organised The Mama Squad Assemble so ladies could hang out, enjoy some me-treat time, learn about stuff and go home with a bit of inspiration. Even better as Mama Squad Assemble featured a talk by Grace Timothy of Mum Face. Grace has worked in the beauty journalism business for over 10 years including a role as Contributing Beauty Editor at Glamour. Yep, she really does know her stuff when it comes to looking good and more importantly feeling good.

Taking an afternoon off as mummy can feel like a big thing. When you have time to yourself, you feel like doing something worthwhile. Want to hear more about what we got up to? Here’s seven things I loved about the Mama Squad Assemble… Continue reading

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