Top tips on dealing with failure

Failure is a funny thing. It comes and goes. Sometimes we can’t avoid it. Check out my earlier blog post on why failure can be a good thing. Failure can even do us a favour, if  you see it as a learning experience. It’s also good to know how we can work with a bit of failure. What, if anything, is going to make us feel better about it? Here’s seven top tips on how to deal with failure.img_0303

  1. Is it personal?…Yes, it’s good to acknowledge if you could have approached something a bit differently. Just because something went wrong or didn’t turn out as you’d hoped doesn’t mean this is solely down to you. There could be all kinds of reasons. Sometimes we’re too hard on ourselves and assume it’s all about us.
  2. Speak to someone you trust…At times when things feel upside down, it’s good to chat it through with a friend. Sometimes you just need to share how you felt about failure; it could be anger, disappointment, regret or just frustration.
  3.  Accept that success can take a while to grow…We all want to be successful in our own right. Success can take time and it’s important to accept that failures are part of that journey. Success is rarely a smooth ride. People who are successful often have to experience rejection or pitfalls along the way.
  4. Don’t let past failures stop you from giving things a go…The failure feeling can really hold you back. It can really dent our confidence levels. Don’t assume things will turn out in the same way.
  5. Ask others about how they’ve dealt with failures before…Learn from others’ experiences. Ask why something didn’t feel smooth-running for them? What did they learn from it? How do they pick themselves up after any hiccups? I also chatted about this on my recent Instagram vlog.
  6. There’s no need to hide your failing moments…As mentioned in my earlier blog post on failure, everyone experiences it at some point. You don’t need to keep any failures a secret. It’s normal and people may even respect you more for being open and sharing the positives from a situation or experience. We chatted about things going wrong on my recent vlog for the Blogger Cafe series with Just Saying Mum and Absolutely Prabulous.
  7. Mistakes can inspire you…When something doesn’t go to plan, it might even give us some inspiration or ideas. Things that haven’t gone as well as planned may teach you about what’s important to you.

Over to you…What do you think about failure? Have you any tips on dealing with failure? Leave a comment below, as we’d love to hear what you think too.

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0 thoughts on “Top tips on dealing with failure

  1. mackenzieglanville says:

    I totally agree with what you are saying here. I used to see failure as simply failure, but I have now come to a point where I can embrace the mistakes I have made and see why I made them. I can reflect on those times and see how I can turn failures into future successes. We learn so much if we are just willing to look for what we can learn and also forgive ourselves. Fabulously written post!

  2. Angela Watling says:

    You’re so right. I always struggle with failure even though I know it’s part of life and helps you grow. As I get older I make my peace with it more and more. I definitely want my daughter to learn to accept and embrace failure then move on. These bits of advice are incredibly helpful! #fortheloveofBLOG

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