What’s in the bag? Getting ready for #BML16



Hello everyone. Hope your week is going ok so far. So it’s only 4 sleeps away from my first Brit Mums Live conference. One of the coolest blogger conferences held every year in London. It’s a huge thing for me to be going. I want to learn lots about how to make my blog better and want to pick up some great tips from fellow bloggers. Most of all I’m excited about meeting the people behind so many amazing blogs. But what will I be taking in my handbag for #BML16?
When I’ve had a chance, I’ve checked out the advice from the more experienced blogger crew about what to do, what to remember and what to bring (and take away) on the day. I’m still deciding what kind of handbag to bring. Maybe my M&S Autograph tote as I can fit loads into it and can easily keep it on the floor when I’m busy chatting to other. Or one do my favourite cross-body bags. If you spotted my recent Backpack Style post you’ll know I’ve been on the look out for a smarter looking handbag-esque rucksack. But I think I’ll leave my Fiorelli rucksack at home in case it gets in the way when we’re busy chatting.

So although I haven’t decided on the actual bag I do know there are quite a few things that will be in my bag for #BML16. Lots of these things are my handbag regulars so they’re also fab for my work days, play days and travel days. I couldn’t fit everything into my first shot!
1. iPhone charger. Firstly I must not forget my iPhone as I’m hoping to hook up with a blogger or two before the day kicks off. It’s cool I get to meet some bloggers before we walk into a room of 500 of them! I’m hoping Mr H will also send me lots of pics from my two girls wishing me luck. I will also be Tweeting and  Insta posting  during the day if I’m not distracted by all of the exciting things going on. I’ll be listening to some tunes on the way into town on the AKG headphones which usually stay in my handbag in between work and my adventures.  Mr H has his own ones which are proudly decorated with Hello Kitty stickers courtesy of Big Munch.
2. Beauty supplies. Hand cream, Coco perfume for a quick spritz, blusher, my trusty MAC mineralise powder to soften the nervous shiny glows! Not forgetting my lip balm. I can’t operate without lip balm. My lovely cousin Sal bought this for me. I love Australian beauty products.
3. Hey You canvas bag. I may be saying “Hey you, nice to see you” a bit as I’m hoping to bump into a few blogger peeps I’ve been chatting to blog-style.  Oh and Aby from You Baby Me Mummy says you can come away with lots of goodies so I’ll go prepared with my favourite shopper (thanks for al the top tips and being an online mentor to lots of us newbie bloggers). I picked this canvas bag from Cotton on Kids during our last holiday in Melbourne so it’s already full of good memories.

4. Notebook and pen. I’ll be old school jotting down notes in my book and making little lists. My list of lists for #BML16 could look like: things to remember to do with my blog; lovely people to keep in touch with after #BML16; top fun moments at #BML16; and maybe things I mustn’t forget to do the following week which aren’t related to the conference! I picked up these bright happy notebooks from Oliver Bonas.

5. My trusty Canon digi camera (with a charged up battery!). I am thinking about packing the SLR but my smaller digi camera will also do a great job. I’m excited about documenting the day with lots of pics.

6. Snack time. Just in case I feel peckish between sessions. No one will want to sit next to a hungry Sunita!
7. Happy tears. For a number of reasons as I’ll probably be sniffling away with my hay fever nose. Best of all, I know I will get emotional for the winners at the awards ceremony (it doesn’t matter that I don’t know them). It’s going to be pretty cool seeing old and new bloggers picking up their awards. So the tissues will come in handy.

So Lucky Things crew, bloggers and friends, leave a comment below if you think I’ve missed anything! Wish me luck for my first #BML16 bloggers conference.


P.S. Feeling optimistic that the weather will turn so I’ll be packing my sunglasses and not my umbrella this Saturday. X Sunita

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