What does GEM mean to me?

There are few things that GEM mean to me and my family. GEM is an abbreviation for gemstone. If I were to flick through the Sunita-cyclopedia I’m sure it says something that is strong, sparkly and precious. Sometimes I find myself saying to others “You’re a gem”. It means someone who is so supportive and just fabulous. I always feel grateful for everyone’s help and encouragement.

img_8697The word GEM is about treasuring the small things. Gem moments are easy to miss when we’re juggling busy lives. Maybe we’re distracted but right in front of us something small but special is happening. They’re the moments we remember. They can give us an incredible energy.

For me, Gem symbolises…

  • strength
  • accepting challenges in life
  • enjoying a laugh
  • learning to look after yourself in the right ways for you and
  • determination

These words roll off the tongue as that’s what my husband’s sister and my sister-in-law is all about. She is a fighter who does her best to defeat any everyday setback with a whole level of humbleness. She is also a wonderful mother, aunty, daughter, sister and friend. She also makes us laugh (lots). So you know I was excited to give her a clutch bag with GEM on it in big bold letters for her birthday. By the way Sis -thanks for letting me write about you.

GEM also means something quite visual for me. When our IVF was successful, I remember seeing the embryo on the scan. After the embryo transfer, it made it into my tummy. As you have regular scans during the IVF process, you get to see how small things start off. The white dot on the scan was a gem to me.  It was like a diamond. To be honest, I’m not a girl that’s into big diamonds much but this was one I would love forever. It was bright and symbolised some light and hope where a lot of our fertility journey had felt quite dark. I wasn’t sure how long this gem would be with us ( but it’s an image I would never forget). To this day I still can’t believe that Big Munch was created from that tiny gem on the screen.

GEM also stands for Good Enough Mother. I discovered Kemi Kids and Yvonne’s amazing work on Instagram earlier this year. Yvonne is the founder of the Good Enough Mother and I Am Good Enough tote bags. You may have spotted them on lots of Instagram feeds. These mottos are important ones. It’s very easy to question how we’re doing as parents. We want the best for our kids. We always want them to be happy. My beautiful GEM necklace is from KemiKids. You now know that GEM means lots of different things to me.

So am I a good enough daughter? Am I a good enough wife? Am I a good enough sister? Am I good enough friend? How strong will I be? Will I always feel determined? I wonder how I will accept the many challenges in life? Will I be able to keep my two gem girls laughing? All I know in the meantime is that I try my best and the word/name Gem will continue to inspire me.

What does gem or GEM stand for in your eyes? What’s one of your favourite words that keep you energised and inspired? I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below…

x Sunita


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0 thoughts on “What does GEM mean to me?

  1. hey...is that me? says:

    Beautiful, Sunita. I love the fact that we are all GEMs. Even if we don’t necessarily sparkle all the time, we are all precious in our own way xxx

  2. misspetaluma says:

    Hey this is wonderful Sunita. It’s not only beautiful but goes way beyond aesthetics, I love it, especially your IVF story and now you are on your new chapter and are already shining with a brilliance with what you do. Keep going! Yvadney #MumsThatSlay xx

    • Sunita says:

      Oh thanks so much Yvadney, really appreciate your words. GEM means so many things to me. Right, I will make sure I keep trying to shine where I can. your support has been amazing, very grateful for that #mumsthatslay

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