Top tips on organising your week 

Does your week fly by too? My to-do list is growing each day. So it’s time to use my organisational tricks and maybe try out a few new ones. Running my own HR consultancy Collective Insight, working with clients and managing projects for Lucky Things means I have to be organised. It also means we need to organise our home life too. So here’s seven ways to organise your week…

  1. Off the wall…Keep a wall calendar  or weekly planner somewhere in the house where you’ll see it at the start and end of the day. I keep mine in the kitchen with a pen nearby. I initial things or events for me, Mr H and the girls.
  2. Thirty minutes planning…Spending this time on a Saturday or Sunday to check plans for the week ahead helps me a lot. I have to juggle work deadlines as well as appointments or admin for the two girls. Use your thirty minutes to work out your priorities for the week (remember it’s impossible to do everything).
  3. Three is the magic number…Each day I pick three priorities. Three is a magic number according to hip hop crew De La Soul (and as vlogger Bella from Along Came Jay recently reminded me). It’s easier to remember three things throughout your day rather than having to constantly check lists. It’s also good for me to use your memory more instead of relying on long lists all of the time.
  4. One and only list…Is this possible? I tend to keep separate lists for family, work, blog, play (and other random stuff). One thing I’ve been trying is keeping the collection of lists in one central place. I’m giving Google Docs ago instead of relying on my multiple to do lists in my iPhone notes.
  5. Carve out time…If a task is a priority then agree with yourself when you’re going to do it and how long you need. Be realistic. Some tasks take longer than others. Now for the tricky bits – getting started and sticking to the schedule. I sometimes do the more difficult things first followed by something more fun (as a little motivator). I also work in hour blocks to keep me focused. 
  6. Make an in tray…Well I have two of these, one for me and one for family. They’re actually cardboard magazine holders as I find it easier to flick through the paperwork. Pop them in a place where you can check them each day.
  7. Post-it love…OK so the odd thing may be replicated from the central to do list. If it’s really important, I jot it down on a post it and pop it by the kettle or the front door. I can wake up in the middle of the night and think of something that needs to be done. So I keep some post its and a pen on my bedside cabinet for late night to-do scribbles so they don’t interrupt me sleep.

What do you do to organise your day and week? It would be great to hear your top tips below…

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