Seven things to do when staying in on New Years Eve

Years ago we’d be planning what house party or club we’re heading to on New Years Eve. Even before we had kids we tried a couple of New Years Eves just staying in. They were just as nice as venturing out in London or around the UK. Here are some ideas for things to do if you’re staying in this New Years Eve…

  1. Enjoy some really nice food and drink (something home made, from your favourite supermarket or a nice takeaway). It’s not always about heading out to a restaurant on New Year’s Eve. If you can, prepare bits of your home-cooked dinner in the morning so you’re not spending the evening dealing with pots and pans. You may also prefer to pop out for a lunch as a family. 
  2. Dancing…Have a lounge, kitchen or hallway disco. I never have to go far to have a disco. Pop on your favourite radio station or your favourite playlist to dance to. We use our portable disco lights loads. It’s handbag size! Tunes for my NYE? Never Too Much by Luther Vandross, Freedom by George Michael, Let’s Dance by David Bowie,  Rock With You by Michael Jackson and lots of Prince. 
  3. Talk!…Catch up with your favourite people. Whether it’s having a chat on the sofa or phoning a friend or family memes who is also at home, talking is good. It might also be a chance to have that Skype call with a fab routine person who’s on the other side of the world (or country).
  4. Write your own quiz…Will people remember the funniest moments of 2016 for you guys? Will they remember those magical moments? Any interesting facts about places you visited you can throw in? Come up with your own quiz about your year together. 
  5. Play games…Classics are Connect 4 and Scrabble. I’m sure I’ll be doing some mind-boggling toddler jigsaws or playing hide and seek on NYE afternoon with the girls.
  6. Dressing up…Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you miss out on dressing up. It could be your favourite pyjamas, lounge wear or sparkly outfit. Think I’ll be using the #dressingupstayingin tag on Instagram! 
  7. Chill time…For us this will probably involve a movie night when the girls have gone to bed. Plan ahead what films you’d love to watch so you’re not wasting time browsing the channels. Check out Netflix, BBC iPlayer and iTunes. Curzon cinema also show some of the latest films out in the cinemas.

New Year’s Eve isn’t just about the evening. Start celebrating during the day. I’m not staying you have to start on the bubbles and beers as soon as you wake up but think about ways to celebrate during daylight and even better if we end our year with a bit of sunshine.

So whatever you end up doing on New Year’s Eve, have a good one, take care and enjoy the last moments of 2016.

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  1. Sunita says:

    Lovely to have you stopping by Lucky Things Liz! Have fun with your family memories quiz. We will be doing an easy one for my three year old! So she’s bound to win 😉 wishing you a lovely NYE and catch up again in 2017 xx

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