Seven things I love about girl cousins

I’m excited that I have two girls and they have each other. Let’s hope the cute sister love lasts a very long time. I didn’t grow up with any sisters but I was so fortunate to grow up with some really cool girl cousins. In total I probably have about 32 cousins as we class those who are second cousins as first ones. I’m getting to spend a whole day with one of them today as we’re heading off to Stylist Live for lots of inspirational talks, fashion, giggles, beauty and good food. Here’s seven things I love about girl cousins…

1. We know a lot about each other’s families and their idiosyncrasies, so there’s a certain understanding through any ups and downs, moans and groans. I grew up with a huge girl-cousin crew (our Bristol massive). Loved our family discos together. Big shout-out to you all, hope to see you soon ladies.

2. With two of my girl-cousins, we didn’t live together growing up so distance made any time together extra cool. With my other cousin S she lived with us for about nine years so I loved having an in-house cousin to read Smash Hits with and go on bike rides after school to get our favourite sweets (Cherry Drops – anyone remember those?)

3. I benefitted from some serious hand-me-downs. One of the best ones was a brown suede mini-skirt. My big cousin S who’s like me big sis is much older than me so she was light years ahead when it came to fashion. Plus she lived in London so had access to city style. Loved it that she used to take me shopping down the Kings Road for vintage clothes.

4. My big cousins S and K have always been there for me. I love that they’re older than me (although trust me if you saw photos of them they don’t look it!). They share their pearls of wisdom with me especially during important times in my life.

5. Girl cousins are there if you need some emergency confidence-boosts! My cousin S lives on the other side of the world in Melbourne. But hey it was a blessing when I wanted to speak to someone in the middle of night when the girls were newborns. The other day I called cousin K on my way to an event. I panicked about over-dressing (something I’m good at!). She told me to stand tall, hold my head up high and take everything in your stride.

6. We can have a good giggle about family memories together. Cousins may remember things you don’t. I was their baby cousin and so glad they didn’t mind me hanging around when they were trendy teenagers.

7. We’re in it together for the long haul. Whatever is going on each other’s lives I know I always have the support of my girl cousins. I’m so fortunate I have these beautiful ladies in my life.

Do you have any cousins you’re really close to? What do you love about cousins? Do you get to see your cousins much?

Leave a comment below and share the family love. Enjoy lucky things everyone. See you again soon. X Sunita

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3 thoughts on “Seven things I love about girl cousins

  1. sunloveraliciareg says:

    Aww that’s so lovely that you’ve grown up with cousins almost like sisters. I wish I had a sister whilst growing up…(a have a sister only 12yrs old, so not the same) I don’t have a big family or wide circle of relatives. However over the last few years I became close with my sister-in-law and we chat about any and everything which is cool! It’s great that your girls will have each other whilst growing up isn’t it!? Xx

    • Sunita says:

      Thanks Alicia. I know I’ve been lucky. We have a big extended family and so I ended up being close to those who we did get to see a lot. My cousins have also been there for me through the tough times so I’ll never forget that. I hope the girls grow up to be good friends too!! At the moment they’re just arguing over toys. One day it could be boys! yikes!!! xx

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