Music to my ears part 2 – interview with musician Nick Cope

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So here’s part two of the Lucky Things music series. I first heard about Nick Cope when a friend played me one of his songs on YouTube. I was saying how we’ve been looking for some children’s music for long car journeys to Nanna’s, tunes which are kind of cool for grown ups to enjoy too. Big Munch has always been happy listening to our mix of music, bobbing her head along to the beats in the back of the car (sometimes even saying “make it louder Daddy!”). My friend Sunnah then told me how her little boy C loved Nick Cope‘s tunes as much as she and his musician daddy did.

Yay! Thanks Nick Cope for fun children’s lyrics played along to grown up acoustic folk-rock tunes. The lyrics and upbeat tunes are guaranteed to make you smile too. Nick used to be in the BritPop band Candyskins in the 90s. He’s based in Oxford but runs children’s gigs around the country. Nick is performing in one of the family concert rooms at the Royal Albert Hall in February. Here’s what Nick loved talking about in the Lucky Things blog interview…

How did you become a musician creating music for little people? I used to be in a band called the Candyskins we had a good run in the 90’s when that ended there was much thumb twiddling. Then, a friends of ours who ran a Montessori nursery asked me to run some music sessions and it went from there. It is a great to be able to say I go to work everyday with my guitar, I’m very lucky.

What do you love about making and performing music for little (and big) people? It’s wonderful to hold their attention with a narrative or to have them laughing at an amusing song. It is just brilliant fun to be able to entertain people what ever the age everyday.

Who are some of your lucky (favourite) musical influences?
I take influences from all sorts of songs/ musicians there are too many to mention. I do love Stornoway and Laura Marling and Evan Dando , Judee Sill I could go on and on…

What are your lucky (favourite) songs you like to play to your own children? We had a listen this evening to a few things on my iPhone we love Inspector Norse by Todd Terge (amazing dancey track) and Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands by Bob Dylan then it was time for dinner !

What’s your one top tip for parents?  Watch out for those teenagers they’re coming to get you!!!

What’s your favourite motto that keeps you going when things are a bit rough and tough? I’m off for a little skate at the skatepark.

What’s your top tip for peeps out there who want to set up their own business? To be prepared to make mistakes and then learn from them and to listen to advice from friends and family . Oh and don’t waste time watching rubbish on TV.

What are your 3 “lucky things”? My dog Norman the whippet, my skateboard and my guitar.


CDs make great stocking fillers for the little ones. Nick is working on some seasonal tunes, so check out his latest events and work at


Nick is also performing his children’s tunes at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 17 February 2016 (amazing!). The perfect gig for toddlers, children and grown ups.  Find out more about the venue and booking tickets here.

Time to go and pick up Big Munch in the car and listen to Why is the sky blue? on the way home…

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