Lucky Things Out and About: Yorkshire Sculpture Park with our new BabyZen YoYo stroller 

As we have good friends based in Leeds and Manchester we’ve been talking about visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) for a while now. It’s also based in Wakefield, one of the first places my parents lived in when they emigrated to England in the 1960s. So being the sentimental lady I am, it was nice visiting this part of the world.

The other weekend was the perfect opportunity to spend the day at YSP as the sun was shining and we were staying with friends in that corner of the world. I was also looking forward to trying out our new BabyZen YoYo stroller. Big Munch was obviously appropriately dressed in her bright pink tutu dress! Actually quite handy so we could easily spot her running around the sculptures. I knew the YSP would be hilly so it would be interesting to see how Baby Munch enjoyed her new wheels on varied terrain!

So here’s 7 things we loved about our day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park…

1. The space!…It’s a huge park with some pretty buildings (ignore the 1970s ones as they’re doing these up!). You don’t have to walk a long way to enjoy the different sights. Big Munch is ok walking a fair way now so we didn’t need the buggy board. There are a few big hills but hey you are in the Peak District! We walked to a few of the buildings and around the lake. We avoided the walk up the steep steps behind the lake as we were with the little ones. The BabyZen YoYo stroller did well on the fields, hills, wooden bridge, pebbly paths and the part muddy trail!


Hanging out with the sheep crew…

2. The sheep!…If your little ones love animals they will be able to get close up to the sheep. They hang out lots by the entrance and actually inside the picnic area where there are picnic benches. Lots of families seemed quite happy eating their lunch alongside a few sheep baa-baa-ing away. Most sheep were quite respectful and didn’t come begging for sandwiches! If you prefer not to eat near the sheep there’s lots of outdoor space by the two cafes.

3. There’s an amazing sculpture around each corner…As most of the sculptures are huge they’re fascinating to walk up to. The KAWS sculptures are incredible. Both three-year old Big Munch and one-year old Baby Munch loved gazing at the elephant-Micky mouse wooden giants, the big animated running horse on the screen and the huge bunny rabbits. Baby Munch enjoyed watching Julian Opie’s Galloping Horse on the big screen.


Art family bags at the Not Vital exhibition

4. Family art bags…There are a couple of indoor art exhibitions. Just by the entrance they have family art tote bags hanging up. So you can borrow one of these as you walk around and they have fun art tasks to keep the children entertained. Most of the art tasks are aimed at school children.

5. The views…We loved the scenic drive over to the YSP. You’re really in the middle of the countryside. There’s something we love about visiting this part of the world. Maybe it’s because the hills feel quite magical and even remind me of the mountains in Mauritius at times.

6. Free entry…Although you have to pay for parking it’s a pretty good deal that you don’t have to pay for entry, especially when you’re in a big group.

7. The art room…So just in case it rains (which luckily for us it didn’t), there are a few spaces you can head into at YSP. There are two main galleries and two cafes, all dotted around the park. There is also the kid’s art room with some tables, colouring-in kits and gorgeous pencils in case they need to keep busy. There’s also the YSP shop for grown-ups (there are some really cool things in there).

So, if you’re around the Wakefield, Leeds, Manchester or the Peak District check out the YSP at any point during the year. It’s an amazing place and I’m glad we finally made it up there.

For more info here’s the website link.

Where are some of your favourite outside spaces around the UK? Where do you head to for change of scenery? If you’ve been to the YSP what do you think about it? Leave a comment below and share the out and about blog love?


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