Lucky Things Fun: Partying with lots of Takayo style

Takayo hen partyHello Lucky Things crew. So here’s something fun, for the ladies and the little people. I first heard about Takayo (the person) through a good friend years ago. My friend told me about her mummy friend who organised Japanese kimono-themed parties. What a beautiful idea. Time has flown by and I’m so happy I’m able to feature Takayo, her work and her story on Lucky Things. I love what Takayo has to say about making progress…

1.Where did you grow up? What’s one of your favourite memories growing up? I grew up in Japan. I was about 3 years old, fascinated by a Western princess wearing a big ball gown and tiara. One day, I saw this massive princess doll which was about my height at my cousin’s place and I wanted to wear the white lace long dress that the doll was wearing. I have a picture of me in a rather tight doll’s dress looking very happy.

2. Tell us more about Takayo the business?

I became a single parent, so I needed flexible way to work as I wanted to be with my son as much as I could. Following a career in the fashion industry, I wanted to start a business that allowed me to introduce something beautiful and new. I’ve always loved dressing up as a little girl and still do. As a teenager in Japan, I used to be kitted out in Vivienne Westwood from head to toe. Her collections are inspired from historical western costume designs. I was totally drawn to the Western culture of wearing corsets and the feeling of transporting myself from everyday life. Listening to other mums, I would often hear them searching for inspiration for their daughters’ birthday parties. “Aha!” I thought. I realised I could offer them something different, fresh and fun by bringing Eastern costumes, like the kimono, into their special occasions. I don’t just do children’s parties, but also hen parties and other occasions.

3.  What do your clients love about the Japanese themed parties? 
They genuinely love the experience that they’ve never had. Even for Japanese women, we feel special when we wear kimono. My customers often say they feel feminine and dainty in kimono. Also, they feel special immersing themselves in the kind of ritual way. It’s rare you get dressed-up by someone, don’t you think?
Kids really love dressing-up in a kimono with a fun hair accessory and mini make-up. And they really enjoy immersing themselves and becoming a special person by holding a parasol and a fan on the catwalk. They’ve never been in anything like it. My little clients say they feel like a bird or a butterfly and also..a lady in the mansion! (this made me laugh). They all look gorgeous and they enjoy learning about Japan and the craft activity as well. One thing they get to do is make their own Japanese frames to take home. It’s cool as the boys get to dress up as little samurai warriors.
The most exciting event we produced so far is the event we created for Bone Daddies – the ramen empire. They wanted us to entertain their staff at the Christmas party. I was just talking to my friend Beti, Best International Burlesque Performer in the World Burlesque Games 2015, to create a new menu for hens. I enjoyed creating a kimono burlesque show with her to perform a mysterious ramen queen who makes the best ramen in town. I realised that there are so much possibilities with kimonos!


4.  What challenges did you have to overcome to set up your own business?

Entering into a niche market. People don’t know that such a thing as a kimono party exists. I knew nobody will search for a “kimono party”. I wasn’t sure if there was a demand for this kind of party, but I was confident that my service is truly unique. So I had to create the market by myself.

5.  As a parent, what’s your advice to new parents or new carers when looking after little ones?

My son is 10 and I’ve always believed in his ability and as a result, he has always been very independent. I try to believe in my child’s ability and I want him to feel enough of himself just as he is. I show him how happy I am, not only when he achieved something, but also whenever I feel happy.

6.  Life isn’t always straightforward. When things get a bit tough, how do you keep yourself motivated? Any lucky mottos?

I truly value the journey in life. The goal, achievement, position and perfection are not important to me. If I’m making progress and moving forward, that’s enough and I’m happy.

 7.  What are your favourite tunes at the moment? What kind of music do you love?

I wanna be your lover – by Prince. It makes me feel good to sing along to it when it comes on. I love listening and dancing to soul, jazz, disco and funky stuff!

8.  What’s your favourite thing about London?
I love London because you’ll never know what’s around the corner! There’s always new restaurants with a new concept, art shows, installations, music events popping up and the diversity and the richness of the culture. I’ve started learning salsa recently and also thinking of taking my son to a capoeira class.


9. What are your 3 lucky things? 

A beautiful sunny day.
I love a good scent and love relaxing to a Diptyque Fig candle.

Discovering something new and interesting – I’ve recently been to Aviemore, Scotland It was magical. I was also surprised that the national animal of Scotland is unicorn!



A quick thank you to my mummy and dearest friend M for telling me about Takayo all those years ago. You always keep me inspired M. Enjoy lots of lucky things x
Photos and images in this post have been used with permission from Takayo.
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2 thoughts on “Lucky Things Fun: Partying with lots of Takayo style

  1. Takayo says:

    Thank you so much Sunita for giving me the opportunity to open up and tell about myself on your blog. I admire your passion and commitment to the blog while you’re being an amazing mum of 2 little munchies! I’m grateful to be reminded of those core stuff to make myself happy. I’m loving Catavento by Alaide Costa as I’m writing this on this bright sunny morning. I feel lucky! x

    • Sunita says:

      Hi Takayo. Thank you for your lovely comment. It was great working with you and I’m glad you’re enjoying Lucky Things blog. Great you had a lucky feeling day! X Sunita

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