Lucky Things Blogger: The 20 facts about me challenge

Hello Lucky Things crew. You may have mooched around Lucky Things blog, but if you want to find out more about this blogger, read on for 20 facts about me….

  1. My real job is to make my two IVF little girls laugh each day. They really are my two “lucky things”.
  2. I’m married to Mr.H (originally from Birmingham, respect) and we both love our music. Our tough journeys together have made us appreciate that life really doesn’t have to be perfect.
  3. My parents come from the beautiful and diverse island of Mauritius.
  4. I’ve recently discovered flats can be really glam too (you’ve probably seen the silver ones on Instagram right?)
  5. In one year Mr H and me visited Berlin three times we love it there so much.
  6. Another love is street art (also another reason why I love Berlin). Street art was my little sanctuary when going through fertility and IVF stuff. Mr H used to make up street art tours for our dates (he’s smooth huh…)
  7. Another love is fried chicken. I haven’t had KFC since before our wedding and now only eat trendy upmarket fried chicken 😉
  8. I worry about lots of things. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realised it’s better to be a “warrior” than a “worrier”. Easier said than done though as last year I went through the baby blues.
  9. I don’t do yoga at home enough and I seriously need to sort this out! Any tips are welcome…
  10. I was a true geek at school, especially in my NHS glasses. My friends and I were classed as “boring” by the cool gang. We still laugh about it to this day.
  11. I get emotional when I see talented people get the recognition they deserve for their work. Who knows what I’ll be like when Big Munch and Baby Munch come home with their first school reports…
  12. I get to work with a really lovely and talented team in my day job in the City. They pretend to be impressed when I do the running man at work do’s. Plus the staff restaurant has great fried chicken!
  13. I love dancing around the living room with my three-year old Big Munch. Now that Baby Munch is starting to stand up, she is trying to join our funny dance routines!
  14. In my teens, I was a huge Prince, Soul II Soul, Bros and Elvis Presley (!) fan. My Dad bumped into Matt Goss at the airport and grabbed his autograph for me. That made me one of the coolest geeks at school (for a week anyway).
  15. I have issues with paying full price for clothes, shoes etc so I’m super disciplined and organised when it comes to the sales!
  16. I used to be terrified of injections. So I have no idea of how I got through 300 of them during IVF.
  17. I’ve met Stevie Wonder (and he really is a lovely man).
  18. Here’s a funny one for you. I used to be the TV DJ for Artful Dodger and Craig David’s Re-e-wind tune so made a few appearances on Top of The Pops. Let’s hope I don’t regret including this fact 😉  Peeps at work have already tracked down the YouTube clip. This is really my cousin Sal’s claim to fame as I wore her silver top. My fashion mojo has survived on her hand-me-downs…
  19. One of my favourite mottos is from my best pal Ali “Think, believe, receive”.
  20. Since my primary school days, I always wanted my own magazine. I blagged my first work experience at Just17 (for those who remember that mag). So, Lucky Things is like a mini-dream come true. Your follows, comments, likes, shares and re-tweets seriously make me smile HEAPS each time they pop up!

I was assigned the “20 facts about me” mission by the lovely blogger (and Instagram pal) Alicia from SunLoverAliciaReg Thanks Alicia! This has been a really nice thing to do, especially as this weekend my blog has reached 500 followers on Instagram and 500 on Twitter so peeps deserve to know more about the blogger behind Lucky Things.

I now tag Alison from Not Another Mummy Blog and Sarah from Mum Muddling Through (#coolmumclub) to complete the “20 facts about me” challenge…

Enjoy Lucky Things everyone. Oh and don’t forget to tag pics of your lucky things on Instagram with #enjoyluckythings

Sending a hi-five,  Sunita x

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20 thoughts on “Lucky Things Blogger: The 20 facts about me challenge

  1. Sunita says:

    Thanks for thinking of me as one of your nominees! Yep I bet your mum’s fried chicken is super good. You can’t beat home cooked food. Will have to sort out my Berlin post to encourage you to go. You would love it so much. Thanks for all of your lovely support x

  2. charlotte says:

    I used to read just 17, it made me feel so grown up because I wasn’t yet 17. I was also in the geek club, who wants to be in the cool club any way. Sales are what I live for, why would anybody pay full price #brillblogposts

    • Sunita says:

      Cool to hear what you think Charlotte and to know that you were also around in J17 days. Wow we lived for that magazine!! The so called cooler girls were really shocked to hear one of the geek girls did work experience at their favourite teen magazine. Ha ha that showed them you don’t need to be cool to be cool (if that makes sense!) Yep geeks rule and I’ll always be proud to be one. I reckon bloggers are natural geeks as we’re into techy stuff, love the routine and individualness of blogging. Great you’re also a fan of sales. It’s shocking when you find out how much it costs to make the things we could spend a lot of money on. Lovely linking up and meeting you through #brillblogposts Have a nice Friday and weekend. Keep in touch! Enjoy Lucky Things X Sunita

  3. Sunita says:

    Thanks for the cool comment Kat. I love waiting until the end of the sales but you need to be quite patient searching around for stuff. Online shopping makes it easier though! Yep we’ve all now got our own magazines. How cool is that? The beauty of blogging is that there’s room for everyone! The more the merrier. Ha ha thanks yeah I know I’ve done some fun things as a geek. Have fun looking at the YouTube clip!!! Xx Sunita

    • Sunita says:

      Thanks Talya. I think you’ve already been nominated for the 20 facts challenge so hope to read yours soon! Cool hanging out with you all at #coolmumclub

    • Sunita says:

      Ha ha Just17 was an institution for us in those days wasn’t it? It was like our teen bible. OK, @thebusymumnet I also nominate you for the 20 facts about me challenge if you haven’t already done it! Nice hanging out together at the #coolmumclub Enjoy Lucky Things X Sunita

  4. Sunita says:

    Hey KittyandB. As you enjoyed reading my 20 facts, if you haven’t already I now nominate you to do the challenge! X Sunita @luckythingsblog

  5. bridiebythesea says:

    This is fab! Great to know you a bit better…I’m a posh fried chicken lover too – you can’t beat it 🙂 I love that you’ve been to Berlin 3 times in a year, I’ve hear such fab things about it and would like to go one day xx #coolmumclub

  6. Lizzie firstooth says:

    Ah such a wonderful positive list. To visit Berlin three times in a year is so fab! I’m guessing this was before your lovely little ones arrived? Lovely to read posts and get to know people a little more x

    • Sunita says:

      Thanks so much Lizzie. It’s fun finding out more about us bloggers. Yep, we went to Berlin three times in one year before we had children! Looking forward to going there again with both girls as it’s such a family friendly place #fortheloveofBLOG Keep in touch!

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