Lucky Things Beauty: My quick morning beauty routine 

If you managed to see the post on top beauty tricks from vlogger Mum Face Grace Timothy, you’ll know that I tend to do my make up very quickly in the morning.
Whether I’m off to work or at home looking after the girls I always follow the same make up routine. Somehow I’ve mastered this in about 5 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, my quick beauty routine isn’t slap dash. I’d call it focused!

I usually have to do my make up before the girls get up. Another option is after they are both dressed. They then get to play with toys in the bathroom whilst I quickly apply my make up. I wouldn’t have time for a routine where I can spend 15 minutes applying foundation and eyeliner. These may be core basics for others.

For me, I rely on the below 7 beauty products to help me refresh my sleepy face…


1. The first thing I do after washing and drying my face is to apply my No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Eye Cream. It helps to wake up my eyes a little. I’m not expecting drastic results when I suddenly looks younger but it does help my eyes to feel less dehydrated. If I remember, I quickly cleanse with my Avene facial cleanser (I always cleanse at bedtime though).

2. The second item I grab is my No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Face Serum. This also helps to rehydrate my face. The Boots make up consultant told me I am now in that age range where I need the Intense products! After years thinking I have dry skin I actually have a shiny T-zone. I did the morning check Grace Timothy recommended when you first wake up and my skin is definitely more dehydrated under my eyes and around my cheeks. As I love wearing face powder I feel that this serum gives me an added later of hydration before my Avene moisturiser. I came across the Avene range during our second IVF experience.

3. MAC studio gel concealer…I swear by my MAC concealer. Maybe because I also trust the tone of it. The gel version is a bit more gentle on my eyes. I apply this using my ring finger. Years ago a make up artist taught me its best to apply concealer using this finger as its actually weaker so you won’t rub your under eye area so much. If I have an extra minute then I use my MAC concealer brush for extra blending.

4. MAC Mineralize Face Powder…I then swish round my powder. Particularly on the T-zone and under my eyes to try and cover up those dark circles. I’ve been using this powder for over 10 years. It’s usually best applied with a powder brush. I like using the MAC sticker brush.

5. Time for a bit of blusher…before heading back to work this March I treated myself to a new blusher. Believe it or not I wore blusher nearly every day on maternity leave so my MAC version was running out. When browsing all of the treats in the & Other Stories store at Oxford Circus I came across this blusher in. It says Go girl seek happy days and happy nights. Obviously I’m asleep at night but it’s always being reminded to wake up to a happy day.

6. Eyes…To be honest, I’m not the best at doing brows so I only tidy them up a bit. I was happy to hear Grace Timothy tell us how big brows are in fashion. I love a bit of eye shimmer. I’ve always loved a bit of eyeshadow. For work I tend to go for bronze or golden tones. For play I may even go for emerald green. I rarely leave the house without my mascara.
So what do you do for your beauty make up routine in the morning? How long do you or can you spend on doing your make up in the morning? What are the three make up essentials you can leave the house without wearing? Any favourite products? Leave a comment below and share the beauty love.

If you’re wondering this blog post isn’t sponsored by MAC although I wish it was! 

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13 thoughts on “Lucky Things Beauty: My quick morning beauty routine 

  1. aliduke79hotmailcom says:

    I love the No7 face serum, I have that myself! I used to wear make up all the time but over the last few years I have worn it less. I have some great stuff so really want to try and get myself organised lol.

  2. thehippychristianmum says:

    Love the weaker ring finger tip will be doing that now. I don’t actually wear much make up generally, but tteatrd myself yesterday to 2 benefit buys. I’ve never bought/used benefit but I read another blogger’s review post and it was on my mind since then so I got a brow pencil thing and high beam highlighter. I used them today for the first time and I love them! I’m on the look out for a new cream foundation now…. #fortheloveofBLOG

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