7 Lucky Things for your “time to have baby” hospital bag (and other bags!) 


Hello, I hope your week is going ok so far. Well, recently I’ve been lucky to have spent quality time with three friends with bumps. It reminded me that I needed to pop up my hospital bag ideas.It’s cool when your friends inspire you to get onto new blog posts. So thank you Lucky Things followers Lady M, Lady T and not forgetting Lady K whose little miss angel arrived the other week. May your hospital bags and changing bags be full of lucky things.

Guess I’m reminiscing lots about my  bump this month. This time last year, my due date fell on our wedding anniversary. Baby Munch must have known how much I loved having a bump so she let me enjoy it an extra two weeks. Maybe she could sense it would be the last time I would be bumped up as we moved closer to the end of our IVF era. So that also meant an extra two weeks of checking and re-organising my “time to have baby” bag…

The great thing about these 7 things is that they’re also lovely everyday treats whatever you might be focusing on at the moment. They also make nice practical treats for anyone who is due to go into hospital (for whatever reason) or maybe heading off on a little holiday. They’re also perfect for your changing bag; whether it’s for baby or your own gym bag. Of course, there are lots of other practical things you need to pack in your grab and go “time to have a baby” bag. I’ve selected 7 lucky things which I loved having in my hospital bag. They also made me feel a bit special when waiting to meet Baby Munch.

  1. Dr Hauschka Hydrating Rose Hand Cream from www.naturismo.com £12.75 I’ve been using this hand cream for years. I discovered it on our first trip to Berlin so it always brings back memories of those East Berliner adventures with Mr H. I knew Dr Hauschka was a nice brand at the time. I didn’t realise there was such bravery and an interesting history behind the brand. As one of it’s original cosmetologists Elisabeth Sigmund said “When we developed these unconventional skin care products we naturally felt like rebels.” I love the size of this tube as it’s not too big for the handbag but not to small that it runs out quickly. It has a thick texture so does a good job of keeping my hands feeling silky. As any new or experienced mum knows, equip yourself with a good hand cream. You’re going to need one! I love the Naturismo website as they often offer free delivery.
  2. ASOS glitter socks from www.asos.com £4.00 Ok, so any excuse to wear something sparkly. For my hospital bag, I was armed with my gold sparkly socks. Sure, any old pair of socks will do but when you’re hanging about in a faded pastel 90s patterned hospital gown, why not add some sparkle to feel that little bit more glam. They also kept my feet cosy when I grabbed naps waiting for baby to arrive. I always feel like you can get away with wearing socks with slippers or pumps in public when your socks are sparkly. They also add a little glimmer to trainers and cropped jeans.
  3. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist Spray £16.20 at Naturismo.com  A friend recommended this face spray close to my due date (thanks Lady JG).Much nicer than just having wet flannels nearby when you’re starting to warm up and need a bit of cooling down. It sat on the bedside cabinet in my maternity ward cubicle whilst I waited for the powers of induction to kick in.I  loved the rosewater scent, it just made me feel nice. I started using it a few days before my due date so it also reminded me a bit of home. During those exciting and exhausting newborn months, it was lovely to give my tired face a little wake up spritz throughout the day. It lasts for ages and I de-cantered some of it into my plastic spray bottle for our recent Christmas trip abroad. It’s a great refresher on long-haul plane journeys too. A very very nice gift for anyone really, so not just one for the hospital bag.
  4. Happy Jackson drinking straws at www.johnlewis.com £3.00 Trust me, you will be so glad you packed straws in your hospital bag. You can never drink enough water when you’re waiting to go into and actually going through labour. I had bright coloured straws as they also cheered me up a bit. Love the fact these straws are all about party time (got to celebrate meeting your new little one even though you might be tired and ready to pop!) I love having bright straws in the kitchen for Toddler Munch and her mates. Drinking milk through a straw is supposed to be better for her teeth and they also make my homemade virgin mojitos look all pretty.One for all of the family.
  5. Eat Natural Darker Chocolate Bars at www.sainsburys.co.uk £2.00 Again another favourite not just for the hospital bag but also for the changing bag, gym bag or work handbag. These gave me a sneaky dose of chocolate (and apricots of course). I keep hearing dark chocolate is actually good for you 😉 Maybe not one for all of the family as I love these too much.
  6. Zara Summer Colours Print Scarf at www.zara.com £19.99 As you know, scarves have many talents. From keeping us warm, soothing a sore throat, brightening up an outfit, making a den roof for Toddler Munch to a makeshift baby blanket for impromptu picnics or play dates! The thing I loved about the colourful Zara scarf in my hospital bag was that it jazzed up the hospital blankets and made me feel so much nicer for the first photo with baby. Mummies also love how big wraparound scarves double up as feeding cover-ups and sunshades for the buggies. I picked this one out from the Zara website for this post as not only is it called Summer Colours but it has a serene Japanese feel with it’s different patterns. If you wrap it different ways its a few scarves in one. Hmm you could get a lot of price per wear out of this one. Check out the above Zara website link for more looks.
  7. Carmex Lip Balm Tube from www.boots.com £2.69 No bag can be without some lip balm. During labour it’s funny how your lips can get really dry. I must have one of these tubes in most rooms in our house (and in every handbag). Carmex always reminds of fun trips to New York.

So I hope you found this 7 lucky things for your bag list handy. If you have any favourites for your hospital bag why not leave a little comment. Have fun filling up those bags. Enjoy the rest of your week Lucky Things crew. Will tweet, Insta, blog or FB you again soon. X Sunita


(Images used in this post are from the acknowledged and credited retailer websites).

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8 thoughts on “7 Lucky Things for your “time to have baby” hospital bag (and other bags!) 

  1. A Mum Track Mind (@amumtrackmind) says:

    I love the idea of the glitter socks! My feet were freezing cold in labour and I always recommend that people take socks in their bag for this reason but I never thought to glam them up! Lovely post! Thanks for sharing with us on #fortheloveofBLOG x

  2. bridiebythesea says:

    Oh this is such a fab list! I only found out about Rosewater mist spray when I had the baby, but it is so brilliant and refreshing. Also absolutely about lip balm and drinking straws too – no-one should go through childbirth without them. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam Great to have you x

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