Love foodie treats? Check out the Christmas Pop-Up store by Kitchen Table Projects

Great Portland Street happens to be one of my special streets especially when I’m out and about with Lil’ M in the buggy. I love it as it’s a quieter London street and there are some lovely cafes and stores appearing. The street also happens to be the new home of our innovative IVF clinic CRGH. It was nice strolling down Great Portland Street the other week and coming across the new Christmas Pop-Up Store, beautifully presented and full of Christmas and everyday foodie treats. It’s also somewhere nice to hang out as they serve hot drinks. I popped my head in and met Andrea Farias, the marketing manager for the store set up by Kitchen Table Projects.
How did the idea of the Christmas Pop Up shop come about? What’s Kitchen Table Projects all about?
Kitchen Table Projects connects food artisans who are just getting started in the industry with people who want to find new and interesting food. During the summertime, we ran a 3 month programme for startup food brands called the Artisan Springboard where we helped 11 food producers get started in the industry. As part of that programme, we had a pop-up shop in Old Street Station.
Christmas is the most important season of the year for food, so for this pop-up we wanted to bring all of these amazing independent brands to the shopping capital of London, the West End. We want to encourage people to try something new and different this Christmas and support artisans with unique products.
What do you love about running the Christmas Pop Up shop on Great Portland Street? Why should people pop by the shop? 
All of our products are made with love by people who really care about making great food and putting a smile on your face. Every product has an interesting story behind it. I love sharing these unique products and stories with our customers. In the run up to Christmas, we are hosting 3 weekends of Meet the Makers events to give these producers a chance to sample their products in store and tell people about what makes them really special. This is the perfect time to do your foodie Christmas shopping and try before you buy! You can find more information about the events here.
What are the top treats for children and grown-ups/parents that can be found in the Christmas Pop-Up shop?
For children:
– Mighty Fine Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Bars
– Strawberry & Mint Cordial by Edward’s Cordial
– Moose Maple Butter
For adults
– Beetroot & Ginger Muesli by Primrose’s Kitchen
– Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
– Wicked & Wonderful Champagne Truffles
How else can people buy the products if they’re not able to come down to Great Portland Street? 
Our Great Portland St shop is just a pop-up- we’re only here until Christmas! We’re currently looking for a permanent home so keep an eye out for our new shop opening early next year.
What’s your advice for other peeps who want to set up their own business? Any challenges you managed to juggle ok?
You don’t have to do it alone. There are so many support networks for entrepreneurs, you need to get out there, meet people and make new connections. Always get advice from people who have done it before.
What’s your top tip for juggling work/a business and a busy life? 
Never work at home! If you need to work outside of office hours go to a cafe or library. Home should be a work free zone.
What’s your one top tip for organising a special Christmas celebration?
Plan and send invitations as soon as possible. People are always really busy around that time so make sure they save the date in their calendars early. Pre-order any special food or items you might need to make sure you have them on the day and there are no surprises.
What is your favourite Christmas memory growing up?
My uncle dressed as Santa Claus!
What’s your favourite motto that keeps you going when things are a bit rough and tough? 
Failure doesn’t exist- it’s just a learning experience!
What are your 3 lucky things? 
Going for long walks around London, lemon curd yoghurt (it’s so indulgent and I love it!) and seeing friends who are far away.
Browse more treats and events at
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Photos by Jason Spoor from White Fox Studios, published with permission from Kitchen Table Projects.
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