Parenting: Breaking the routine with a family weekend away

Crikey the girls routine has been all over the place this weekend as we’re away at a hotel with the fam for early Christmas celebrations.

Here’s our seven highlights…

1. Toddler Munch skipping her daytime nap yesterday – too much fun at the Science Museum (check out our Insastories) Crikey please don’t let this be the end of her daytime naps. Mummy anxiety is hitting in. Highlight for her. Lowlight for me.

2. Toddler Munch partying like it’s Saturday night style!!! Finally falling asleep at 9pm 3. Big Munch being the good girl and telling Toddler Munch “Look I’m going to bed nicely, go to sleep” – Note: Big Munch isn’t always like this.

3. Big Munch then having to say “Go to sleep sister. I’m tired. Stop making noise!” She must love it when her little sister is being the cheeky monkey.

4. Me and Mr H getting seriously early nights as we’re all sharing a hotel room. All in bed about 8pm.

5. I had 30 minutes shopping time to myself last night as hotel is across road from a shopping centre!

6. I brought home proper choc milkshakes for me and Mr H as our treat last night (managed to hide them from the girls).

7. Hearing the girls snooze. I love it!! Their little snores, noises, fidgeting and sleepy mumbles. They’re priceless. Thank goodness they love a good snooze. So we haven’t mastered the art of routine this weekend but it’s all good baby baby (as hip hop legend Biggy would say).

OVER TO YOU: How’s your “routine” (?) been this weekend?? Oh and check out the fab top tips from @letsasklivvy on managing routine for your kids and you.

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