Why it’s important to celebrate your achievements

We can give ourselves a hard time can’t we? It’s also the goal-setting time of year. We may want things to be bigger and better than before. We may even be putting pressure on ourselves to pursue goals that aren’t right for us or our values. We may feel we need to set goals to be successful (definitely not always the case). Goal setting is good for us if it’s realistic, we stay true to what’s important to us and what works with our lifestyle and other commitments.  Before you start rushing into planning goals, take some time to reflect on things you’ve achieved on the personal and professional side. So here’s seven reasons why it’s important to celebrate your achievements or what I call WOW moments…


Photo courtesy of Katrina Campbell Photography

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Seven things I love about the Mama Meets at Olive Loves Alfie East, London

One thing I know is that it’s really important for me to get out and about in London with the girls. Even more important to do this when I’m looking after the girls on my own. The other week I popped along to my first Mama Meet at the creative family store Olive Loves Alfie East.  It was a day out for me and my two girls as we ventured over to Stratford with Big Munch on foot and Toddler Munch in the buggy. The Mama Meet is a chilled gathering organised by the store and Emma from Finlay and Fox. I heard about the Mama Meet through Instagram and spotted that Mary and Emma from Supercharged Club were doing a talk. I grabbed a ticket online.olivelovesaflie-14

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