Lucky Things Beauty: 7 things we love about lipstick

Yesterday in the office we had a beauty chat break (whilst working of course). We paused in our working day to appreciate the big L….lipstick. I always remember my mum trying to encourage me to wear lipstick from what I thought was an early age. Maybe I was 12 or 13. That was young to be wearing make up in my day. I kept refusing or maybe I was just rebelling. I used to say “No Mum I don’t need to wear lipstick, I have my lip balm”. Me and my school crew were well into lip balm at the time. The Body Shop had opened in our town and it was our make up Mecca!

Six years later and I’m in London at uni. I start getting involved in the fashion industry and I first come across MAC. It was another world. Me and my colleagues were given MAC discount cards. Amazing as it made quality make up affordable for us girls at the start of our┬áLondon careers. So I guess I will always be loyal to MAC, plus I would always find make up for my shade of Mauritian skin. It ended up being their recycling programme that encouraged me to start using lipstick a bit more in my mid-20s. To this day, you can take back six old MAC containers and pick up a free lipstick. Magic! I did this the other day and it was a cool me-treat. Make up is definitely one of my lucky things. Continue reading

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