Lucky Things Style: Gingham love

Gingham is back! Hopefully it isn’t just around for Summer. This week on Instagram someone tried on a nice midi gingham skirt from Zara. It reminded me how much I loved gingham as a teenager. I used to sport the country western look with a red gingham shirt and blue jeans. It was the time when we started getting into secondhand clothes. We didn’t realise how vintage would become so cool, we were just on a budget! Another favourite of mine was a small checked black and white gingham shirt. It was a bloke’s size small so just right for me. Shame I didn’t hold onto that one now. It also reminds me of school days wearing our red Summer school uniform dresses. Luckily there are some nice options out there for us grown-up girls. I definitely prefer black and white gingham, maybe it’s the monochrome love that influences me.

If you’ve seen my recent post on sale shopping I talk about adding “wearability” to your wardrobe. It’s about spending money on things that will have staying power through trends. So on my gingham search,  I’ve come across some pieces which are pretty wearable. Continue reading

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