Lucky Things Out & About – 7 Things we love about Everyman Cinemas

As we’ve lived in London for a while now, we’ve always been spoiled for choice when it comes to cinemas. Last year, more Everyman Cinemas were popping up and we’re now lucky to have three a short drive away. Our local ones are in Muswell Hill, Hampstead and Barnet. The other night I visited one of the nearest Everyman Cinemas with my mummy pal. We chose to head to Everyman Barnet as they were showing Bad Moms. We obviously picked up some great tips from the film Bad Moms (so check those out on another post). Continue reading

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Lucky Things Film: 7 things I learned from Bad Moms

So if you liked The Hangover, go check out Bad Moms. I was a bit sceptical at first. Would it be too cheesy for me? Nope. I’m warning you now, take your tissues as you’ll be in tears throughout (as you’ll be laughing so much). One of my favourite actresses is in Bad Moms, Mila Kunis  (Amy) who is her usual hilarious self. I’ve always rated her since I saw her in Best Friends with gold old talented Justin Timberlake.

My mum friend and I were guests at one of our local Everyman Cinemas (thanks to the Everyman crew for looking after us so well). We could have been Bad Moms and treated ourselves to lots of cocktails or large glasses of wine. Instead, to keep my sweet tooth happy, we tried out their milkshakes. They were basically desserts in a glass jar, perfect for our me-treat night out as friends. The seating areas at Everyman Cinemas are legendary. So the two of us had a nice catch up before heading into the screen. Continue reading

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