Confidence tips from Una Healy from The Saturdays

Lucky Things is all about feeling confident and juggling your career and wellbeing. Back in July, I took up the opportunity to interview Una Healy from the Saturdays at a brunch with Cancer Research UK and NIVEA SUN. We caught up at the sandy Beach Bar at London’s Montague Hotel. Here’s what Una had to say about her top  confidence tips…


Sunita: Hi Una, thanks for catching up. For women across the world, sometimes we aren’t feeling our best or feel that confident so what’s your top tip for feeling confident in the morning?

Una: So, in the morning it’s all about the school run and so it’s hectic and it’s all about them. I’m so preoccupied with getting the kids ready. Once they’re at school and nursery, I feel I have a bit of me-time back again so I have some head space as well. I might go to the gym so I get to think about things and have a work out. For me that helps me to get my mind space together.

It’s good to take a bit of time and there are days when you don’t put a scrap of make up on and that doesn’t matter. It’s also nice to treat yourself by spending a bit of time putting your make up on a bit more slowly.

Also, if you can, maybe pass over the parenting duties to someone else just to have a bit of time to yourself. You care so much about your children you can forget to look after yourself. They’re dependant on you but you need a bit of me time.

Sunita: I’m a big fan of me time and me-treat tricks and it’s something I always talk about on Lucky Things. So, we all have our wobbly moments, it doesn’t matter who we are. So when you have a confidence dip Una, what’s your motto that brings you a bit of confidence?

Una: There will be different days or maybe different times of the month. It’s also about working towards feeling healthier and set yourself some goals.

Sunita: And what does confidence mean to you?

Una: It’s self-belief and knowing you’re unique. With Instagram and things like that, people are watching what others are doing and worrying about “Gosh, am I doing this right?”. But we’re   all special and unique and you’ve probably got something that someone else wishes she or he had.  Just love yourself and who you are and it doesn’t matter what others are doing.

Sunita: Also, what’s your top tip for not comparing yourself to others. Obviously, that’s really hard to avoid especially with social media…

Una: Just believe in yourself and enjoy everything you have. You know that you’re unique. Remember there are elements of Instagram that are real but it might not always reflect real life.

Una Healy has partnered with NIVEA SUN and Cancer Research UK to offer simple advice to parents and their families to enjoy the summer while protecting their skin – Photo: Simon Way

Sunita: And if one of your closest friends came to you and said that their confidence had been totally dented, what would you say to help lift their confidence?

Una: Sometimes it’s good to remind people that feeling confident isn’t about being arrogant so it’s OK to be confident. It’s good to enjoy each day. Also, there’s not such thing as overnight success. Over-worrying is not going to take you forward.

Sunita: You mentioned earlier on that it’s good to look after yourself. What are your top tips for looking after yourself, especially in the Summer and when we can enjoy sunshine?

Una: So one of the most important things is to look after your skin and use sunscreen. Sunscreen should be an everyday thing. It should always  one of the five things in your handbag! Keep a travel size one in your bag. The sun is lovely and we need to enjoy it but it’s also dangerous. We need to look after our skin and we need to protect our skin from skin cancer. You don’t want to look at your skin in years to come and see how much damage has been done.

Sunita: It’s funny as I think people only bring out the sun screen in the Summer but I know we should really use it all year round.

Sunita: Before we round up, what’s your lucky things? (things you feel grateful for in life –  you can’t say your family as that goes without saying!)

Una: My health. I had an experience where I a shock as I have an under active thyroid so I have to take medication for it everyday and controlling it. But this hit me and reminded me I have to look after myself. So your health is very important and sometimes we can take it for granted until something scary happens. So enjoy each day.


Thanks to Una for her time at the Cancer Research UK and Nivea Sun brunch. Big Munch loved feeling confident about her arty skills with the kids party company the Sharkey and George crew. Thanks to Amanda at Cancer Research UK for organising this interview for Lucky Things.

As a family, we use Nivea Sun cream.  Regardless of our different skin tones as a family, it’s also about feeling confident that we’re protecting our skin.My Mum has always made me and my brother wear sun cream despite our Mauritian heritage. Check out the amazing work by Cancer Research UK to help us prevent skin cancer. You can check out lots of self-care and skin-care tips over at the Nivea Sun.

What do you think about Una’s confidence tips? What are some of your confidence tricks? Any other tips to look after ourselves come rain or shine? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear what you think too.

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