Travelling away from my children and welcoming our Scamp and Dude superhero

So many parents and carers have to spend time away from their children. I’m not just talking about during the day when we’re working or running businesses. Overnight stays away from our children and families can be hard too. Sometimes they can be short-notice or even unplanned trips away from the family. On Lucky Things blog, we chat a lot about confidence. We don’t always feel confident as parents, especially as we adapt to new situations for our families. In January I stayed about a week away from Mr.H and my two daughters. It was an emotional time not being with them. You can read more about how I felt travelling away from my children for the first time here. So I wanted to see what could help this temporary absence and that’s when I came across the Scamp and Dude Superhero. I love that Scamp and Dude is all about inspiring confidence in children.fullsizeoutput_2c72

Anxious about being away…I knew the girls would be fine as they were with their original superhero Daddy (AKA Mr. H) but I knew we’d miss each other. I was also anxious about how the girls would feel about being not being at home. There were quite a few things we organised to help the girls and in particularly our three-year old Big Munch adapt to my temporary absence. It’s not often we need to treat the girls to new teddies or toys but instead of bringing back loads of gifts from my trip, I wanted to leave Big Munch with something new. One of the things that me and Big Munch picked together was our new lodger – our Scamp and Dude Superhero rabbit.

The story behind Scamp and Dude…The family lifestyle brand Scamp and Dude was set up by Jo Tutchener-Sharp. As she says herself “Every parent understands the feeling when you have to leave your child” (whether it’s dropping them off at nursery or going away for longer periods of time). Jo shares her incredible and touching story. She suddenly had to be away from her children for quite a while in 2015 whilst she was in hospital. Sadly, Jo suffered from a brain haemorrhage. Her tough journey and recovery inspired her to work on something that would help children to feel more secure in everyday life and when they’re away from their parents.


Cool comforters…Many of us remember our comforters growing up. Mine was a white teddy called Snowy. The girls still play with him. Snowy was around in my teens too, especially when my parents got divorced. Big Munch has her own favourite teddies but she always welcomes a new one to the gang.

Jo created the Superhero comforters to help children feel safe while they sleep but they come in handy during the day too. I knew three-year old Big Munch would like one as it was a bunny and it was pink. She also felt like a bit grown-up as I asked her to look after Superhero bunny whilst I was away.


Pocket love…I love that Superhero bunny has a pocket on its back. You can pop in a photo of the parent or carer who’s away if you want. I asked Big Munch what she’d like to keep in the Superhero bunny’s pocket and she said mummy’s kisses. It was a deal. So I popped in twenty kisses in the pocket, one for every morning and bedtime plus some extra thrown in for good measure. I reminded Big Munch she could help herself to my kisses whenever she wanted. We talked about her taking the kisses on our daily FaceTime calls.


A superhero has my back…Scamp and Dude champion the motto “a superhero has my back”. Their superhero flashes on their tote bags and clothes remind me about being strong, being together, things are going to be OK and “we can get through this”.

As a little family we’ve been through an interesting year with plenty of ups and downs. There has been lots of change; in the ways we look after our wellbeing and how we’ve followed our own family lifestyle. As me and Mr.H look back where we were a year ago, things were very different.

I knew at the start of this year that I’d also be away from my family for a few days in May when I head to the Mom 2.0 conference abroad (thanks to a competition run by Dove). I didn’t imagine I’d need to be away from my children overnight that much. In February, to celebrate our birthdays me and Mr.H went away for a weekend for the first time without the children. We realised it was our first solo break together in four years. I realised there will be times when we stay away from our children and that’s perfectly normal.

At the end of the day we all have each other as superheroes, but there’s always room for one more (especially if they’re a bunny). I guess we all need a bit of superhero back up from time to time, including us grown-ups too.

For every Superhero Sleep Buddy sold another, Scamp and Dude donate one to a vulnerable child. Scamp and Dude also supports charities Don’t Forget the Kids, Grief Encounter and one of the leading children’s hospitals in London. 

You can find out more about Scamp and Dude over at

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