Top tips on looking after yourself

Where are the weeks going? There is always lots to do so it’s important we take time to look after ourselves. If we look after ourselves then I believe we’re also able to feel more confident and focused.

It was pretty cool sharing my top tips for looking after yourself to an inspiring crowd at the Lucky Things Meet Up in January. I wrote these top tips especially for the event. As promised, I wanted to share these on the blog too. I know I’ll be looking back at this list throughout the year! Here you go…


Don’t be shy about being picky about how to use YOUR time. Your time is also your energy. Our time is too precious when we’re busy juggling hectic lives. Think about what’s best for you and your family. It might be saying no to taking on more tasks, no to attending a kids party or a night out.

  1. Turn your FOMO (fear of missing out) into what I call “FOR-ME”.

Remind yourself you’re  choosing to do something else “for you”. This means acknowledging the worth of alternatives. What are you really missing out on? There are always things to do or go to. We can’t physically be everywhere.  Rather than focussing on what you’re missing out on, focus on what you’re gaining from the alternative. Dealing with FOMO is a tough one for many. It’s hard to ignore it so I’ll be writing more about this soon. 

  1. Make time

…To do something that supports your wellbeing each day, even for 5 minutes. Plan ahead some me-time – this might be time on your own or with friends/family. This could even be 30 minutes. It’s about prioritising yourself and not feeling bad about it.img_3901

  1. Be flexible

Support yourself with flexible plans or intentions. Our mindfulness expert for the event Dr Tamara Russell talked lots about intentions. Goal is a common term but I like calling them wishes. Like intentions, it feels a bit softer, achievable and flexible. Remember WHY you’re doing it. Don’t just focus on tangible things or any number-focused results.

  1. Listen to your favourite music

…That keeps you focused or happy. Jot down a tune that makes you feel good about things, energises you or makes you feel more confident. When you next listen to that song you can even practice a bit of mindfulness. Listen to the tune, what words stand out to you, how does it make you feel?

  1. Say yes to compliments

Take them and do not try to disguise them (like I used to do lots).  If you immediately say thank you for a compliment you’re less likely to start shying away from the positive comment. Also saying thank acknowledges the effort the other person has gone to mention this to you.

Don’t forget to record your compliments (and your WOW moments). I know through our networks, communities or friendship groups, there is lots of mutual encouragement. Take screen prints of any compliments if you want or keep an email folder at work or home.

  1. Be mindful about your talents

Take a few moments  each day, if you can, to reflect on what you’re doing great. Our minds easily run away with what I call “comparison culture”, what others are up to or what you have to do next. If you wish, start a WOW journal or nice things list. It could even be one word, something someone said or a feeling. Tamara uses the 3 W’s tool  with her students – What Went Well?

Over to you…Do you already do any of the above? What do you think of them? Are you going to try out any of the above looking after yourself tricks? Anything else we should add to this list? Anything else you’d like to hear more about? Leave a comment below as we’d love to hear what you think too.

More blog posts breaking down each of the above top tips, the difference between intentions and goals, tips for dealing with comparison culture and why we should think of our own nurture wish will appear on Lucky Things blog soon.

x Sunita

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0 thoughts on “Top tips on looking after yourself

  1. Sian says:

    Great post Sunita, being more flexible all round minimises so much anxiety in work and family life. Comparison should only be applied to the person you used to be, based on how far you have come. X

    • Sunita says:

      Thanks for your amazing comment Sian. Love you comparison trick- that’s a great one, I’ll be using that to manage things at my end. It’s too easy to compare.

  2. mackenzieglanville says:

    I am loving your blog. I had never though about the whole far of missing out, but that is so true, I often do things I don’t really have time for, or even want to do in case I miss out. But time for me is important, thanks for the reminder.

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