Top tips on finding your style identity – guest post by Tee from Tee-Clutter

I’m a big believer that we can all wear confidence, but this is also about finding clothes that make us feel comfortable and happy. I first came across Tee from @teeclutter on Instagram last Summer. Her Instagram feed is always full of changing room outfits. Her style is simple and she loves celebrating everyday wardrobe gems on her blog We then met at the first Lucky Things Meeting Up last year.

Sometimes, Instagram fashion can feel a bit overwhelming and I used to worry that it would be all about expensive designer clothes. I was wrong. Tee was one of the Instagram Style experts who reminded me that high street and supermarket fashion can be just as chic. Remember the F&F leopard print coat I wore heaps over the past few months? I first spotted it on Tee’s Instacorner and it was a chance to make good use of my Clubcard vouchers. As the Lucky Things Meet Up in April is all about style and confidence, I asked Tee to share some her tips too. Over to Tee…

Top tips on finding your own style

I love clothes and have always enjoyed dressing up, it wasn’t until I started my first part-time job at the age of 17 I was able to experiment more with clothes. Every time I went clubbing to just about any occasion, I would try and buy something new. Jeans and trainers were always on my list for everyday wear with the odd few tracksuits too. But when it came to going out I would make more of an effort as this was my chance to dress more ‘girly’.

Three years later I’m 23 and stressing over how to dress for work? Luckily for me, I managed to get my dream job working for a well-known department store head office; the dress code was smart casual. I shopped more than ever and ended up buying clothes all the time, I experimented more with colour and even wore heels to work from time to time. I struggled a little during these years as not only was everyone keeping up with trends it was hard to decide what to wear every morning. I spent a lot of money on clothes, shoes and accessories as I felt pressure to dress nice all the time, but to be honest, a basic tee and jeans would have worked perfectly fine on most days. I realised it was about being confident in your own style.

Creeping into my late twenties I felt an urge to dress a certain way, more so when I hit thirty and became pregnant. It took me nearly a year to finally get my act together after my son was born and start to feel like me again.Then there’s Instagram; everyone’s buying the latest clothes and you feel you have to buy it too.

You have to stay true to yourself and only buy what you would wear and make the use of the clothes you have. My blog Tee-Clutter helps me focus. I try to show you different ways you can wear an item in your wardrobe, whether it be dressing it up or down. I try to talk about clothing that is wearable season after season, which has now made me more conscious of what I buy after years of being a shopaholic!

Even though I know what suits me, I don’t always get it right. New styles come and go, it’s about having fun, experimenting but at the same time staying true to your style. Below are a few of my favourite everyday looks, all timeless.

If you feel you’ve lost your style identity, here are my top tips:

1. Know your body shape and know what suits you, many large retailers have free personal shopping services, take advantage of them if you need advice.

Tee is wearing her FARA Honey Rocks t-shirt @honeyrockslondon #werockfara

2. De-clutter your wardrobe as you might be surprised with what you might find. Use Pinterest and blogs for inspiration if you’re struggling to know what to wear.

3. Experiment, experiment, experiment! Try on clothes you wouldn’t normally or a colour you wouldn’t normally pick? You don’t know what suits you unless you try it on.

4. Forget what others think, do YOU feel good wearing it? Are you comfortable in it?

5. Learn to love your body, be confident as most of the time anything goes if you have confidence.

Thanks Tee for this guest post. You can follow Tee over at @teeclutter on Instagram.

If you’d like to pick up your own Honey Rocks FARA t-shirt, pop over to Honey Rocks is a family interiors online store. India and Hannah who founded Honey Rocks also wanted their business to create something tangible for children that need it, and so they established the Rock t-shirts partnership with children’s charity FARA. T-shirts are available for mamas, sons and daughters.

What do you like about your everyday style? Do you struggle to know what to wear? What are your favourite outfits that help you feel comfortable and confident? Leave a comment below…

Lucky Things Meet Ups

Tickets for the April Lucky Things Meet Up on Feeling Confident in Your Own Style with Alison Perry and Susan Alcindor on the panel are now sold out. The next London Lucky Things Meet Up is on Saturday 1 July 2017 and there are only 2 tickets left. The next date for London is being planned for September or October 2017.

Other Lucky Things Meet Ups are taking place in Bristol on Sunday 25 June 2017 and Manchester on Saturday 15 July 2017. Check out the Events hub on for ticket information.

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2 thoughts on “Top tips on finding your style identity – guest post by Tee from Tee-Clutter

  1. The Pramshed says:

    This couldn’t be more true. I was out shopping yesterday and felt so overwhelmed by what was in the shops, I felt like I wanted everything. But kept getting drawn back to the items that were my style. I’ve realised that as I’ve got older it’s all about what works for me, and what I like and what looks good on me. Plus it saves a huge amount of money rather than constantly buying the latest ‘in’ clothes. Claire x

    • Sunita says:

      Same here Claire. I feel like I’m a bit wiser about what to buy and how much to buy now. Especially as I’m a parent and can’t spend lots of my wardrobe!
      I love fishing out oldies from my wardrobe and mixing them with newer items.
      Can’t wait to see you at the next Lucky Things Meet Up. I know I’ll be coming away with some style tips. Tee is coming along too. Xx

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