Seven ways to support International Women’s Day

Did you know there’s a different theme for International Women’s Day each year? For 2017 it’s #beboldforchange. Not many people know but the first official “lnternational Women’s Day” event was held back in 1911*. As championed over at, for 2017, they’re asking us to #BeBoldForChange where we can call on the masses for support or as an individual help move towards “a better working world – a more inclusive, gender equal world”.

Whoever we are and whatever we do, we can influence our social sphere to help other women feel more confident and reach their potential. I’m a strong believer that small actions are really important too. As Lucky Things is all about looking after our wellbeing, career and confidence, here’s seven ideas for supporting International Women’s Day today (and all year round). 

  1. Keep talking about issues you feel passionate about…Whether it’s about supporting our wellbeing (mental, physical and for women and men), what we need to campaign for our children’s future or maybe something important to your local area, keep talking about what you care about. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.
  2. Keep writing about issues that need more exposure…It could be a quick Instagram/Facebook post, tweet or and email to your local MP. Social media means that everyone can use their written voice.
  3. Learn more about what’s going on…These days you don’t need to read the newspaper from front to back to know about topical events or issues. Pop onto your favourite news site for 2 minutes a day. Learning more about the outside world can also give us perspective or inspiration. Find out about the events throughout the year you can support – whether you can be there in person or champion them other ways. Head over to to search for local events in your area. I’m supporting  #FlexAppeal and there’s an event in London led by Anna on 31 March 2017.
  4. Invest in your own personal or professional development…Find something easy that helps you to grow in your career, whether you’re busy running the home, working for a company or organising your business. It could be listening to a podcast on your commute or reading up on a particular skill. Although I organise the Lucky Things Meet Ups, women’s networking and development events, and run my HR consultancy, I still need to invest in my own career. I’m really pleased that we’re talking about Feeling Confident in Your Career at the London #LuckyThingsMeetUp on 1 July 2017. I received lots of valuable feedback at January’s Lucky Things Meet Up and career confidence was a favourite topic from the crowd. I know we will hear lots of great tips from the talented panel Lisa from The Wentworth Collective and Antonia from Tinker Tailor Online.
  5. Share your skills…In my HR career, I’ve been lucky to learn from other people’s skills. That’s why I’m passionate about helping other women investing in themselves for their personal, everyday or professional growth. Do you have a skill that others might benefit from? Would you like to share some of your own technical know-how to help others or a charity you care about? Maybe you could mentor someone?
  6. Look after your own confidence…I think change and progress starts with us as individuals. We need to look after ourselves if we want to #BeBoldForChange. We can’t change the way the world operates unless we feel more confident and comfortable with what we’re doing on an everyday level. So think about some easy ways to protect and nurture your own confidence (especially as we all have confidence ups and downs).
  7. Think about your own values…We all have them. We probably don’t have much time to think about them. Our values influence how we operate, how we change things and how we make progress. They can also keep us grounded during the highs and lows. Did you know about the ten International Women’s Day values*?
  • Justice
  • Dignity
  • Hope
  • Equality
  • Collaboration
  • Tenacity
  • Appreciation
  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Forgiveness

Do any of these values resonate with you? I know hope, collaboration, tenacity, appreciation and empathy are pretty important to me.

Are you supporting, celebrating or campaigning for International Women’s Day in any way? What are the issues that are close to your heart? Leave a comment below as we’d love to hear what you think too.

Pop over to for more information. The above marked facts* have been sourced from the International Women’s Day website.

If you’d like to hear more about the Lucky Things Meet Ups, get in touch to pop onto to the mailing list or head over to Billetto. The next London date is Saturday 1 July 2017 (the April one is sold out). Exciting news to announce today as Lucky Things Meet Ups are also going to be held in Bristol, Brighton and Manchester over the coming months. Watch this space or Lucky Things’ Instagram corner.

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