Newborn essentials: Etta Loves muslin cloths 

As Toddler Munch is two this year, I’m starting to reminisce lots about the newborn days. Her hair is pretty short so she still appears a bit baby-like. Someone on my blog this week reminded me of how much stuff you carry around when you have a little baby. One thing that’s an essential for the first few months (and even years) is the muslin cloth. Little did I know this piece of cotton cloth would come in so handy. Although Toddler Munch is getting bigger, we still use muslins lots. There’s always one on my coat pocket, in the cross body bag or tucked in the buggy. I’ve now stopped carrying my changing bag as I manage to squeeze nappy changing gear and meals on the go into two handy clutches.

Last year I came across Etta Loves muslin squares. Why is it that I now see lots of things I would have loved when my girls were newborns? The great thing is that we still use muslin squares lots in our home and when we’re out and about.

So what do we love about Etta Loves muslins?

Cognitive charm…From a newborn age, experts say it’s important to show babies things that are black and white. I think it’s because their little eyes see things in black and white at first.  Maybe that’s why I subconsciously wore a lot of black and white when my babies were born. Maybe I wanted them to find me entertaining?! When Big Munch first started nursery I loved that the baby room had a black and white hang out corner. Etta Loves have some gorgeous monochrome designs. They are designed to enhance the baby’s cognitive and visual development of babies. As mentioned in the Etta Loves Instagram bio they are “Beautiful, sensory baby muslins designed with love and science to support your baby’s eye development.”

They look good on us too! When I had my babies I struggled to find muslins that were more my style. If you’ve explored Lucky Things on Instagram you’ll know that what I wear is important to me. I ended up wearing more Zara scarves as feeding cover-ups than the larger sized muslin squares around the high street. The patterns and pale colours just weren’t me. Etta Loves actually have designs that I’d happily wear myself.

Zoo-chic! I love animal print on me and the girls. It’s fun and confident. Etta loves have some great modern prints like the dalmation* print and zebra designs (Big Munch calls this *cheetah print). Late last year I started using the hashtag #zoochic to celebrate all of the animal print style wise out there. This year, I’ve heard zebra is making a comeback. It’s nice that the Etta Love designs are timeless. I hope they’re part of the girls’ accessories wardrobe for a long time. fullsizeoutput_2c4a

A fab feeding accessory...Muslins are essential baby feeding accessories. Whether your baby is breastfed or bottle-fed a nice muslin helps with feeding time. Bibs are great but sometimes you need something bigger that covers their whole outfit. Muslins are fab for popping over their laps as a crumb-catcher. The Etta Loves muslin squares are also bigger than the typical muslin squares which helps. Etta Loves also do extra large muslin squares in a leopard print design.

Not just for feeding…There are still lots of muslin cloths hanging around our home. They’re a great alternative to baby wipes and tissues when you’re constantly tidying up little noses or dribbles. Toddler Munch is still teething so it’s nice to have something handy nearby that’s soft for her cheeky face.

Comforter…As muslin cloths are usually 100% cotton they’re really soft and get better over time with more and more washes. Toddler Munch uses her muslin as a bit of a comforter. It’s also easy to take on car journeys and she likes wearing it like a light blanket.

Design for your style…Plain white muslins are fine but I did always wonder why there weren’t more designs out there when I had my babies years ago. It’s great seeing the Etta Loves range.

Out and about…If me and the girls are out and about, I take a muslin for each of them. Big Munch quite likes them as she calls them scarves. This then inspired me to wear the zebra muslin cloth as a scarf the other month! They’re really easy to wash and I’ve noticed that the colours on the Etta Loves muslin squares don’t fade.

Something for them to grow up with…Big Munch still loves using her own muslin at dinner time or when we’re having a packed lunch. I also love that the girls love using them with their own baby dolls as little blankets. The Etta Loves muslin squares will also be cute keepsakes. My girls love them and so do I.

Check out Etta Loves muslin squares on Don’t forget to follow Etta Loves on Instagram @ettaloves. Etta Loves muslin squares now feature in the amazing gift boxes for women and mums over at dontbuyherflowers.comfullsizeoutput_2c06

The photo featuring the baby has been provided by Jen at Etta Loves and published with permission. All other photos are my own.


Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted some Etta Loves muslins to enjoy and write about. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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