Faye’s IVF journey

This year I’ve launched the IVF Journey series on Lucky Things Blog. In hope of spreading awareness of what couples go through as well as reminding people how common IVF is. I’m grateful to be featuring Faye’s IVF journey. Faye blogs at glossytots.co.uk. She lives in the West Midlands and is a quality monitoring and training executive at an insurance company. Faye tells me how she is loving every moment with her five-year old daughter. Here’s Faye’s IVF journey…

Tell us a bit about your IVF journey?

I was able to have my baby girl through IVF, after a very long 3 years! I wasn’t able to get pregnant naturally with drugs, but I was able to have one round of IVF which worked.

That’s a real blessing as it can be so unpredictable if IVF treatment works or not. So, when did you first find out you needed to do fertility treatment?

I was 21 and I had been married a year. I hadn’t had any periods after coming off the pill and went to the doctors to investigate where they told me I had PCOS.

What were the reasons for needing fertility treatment?

I needed treatment as I didn’t ovulate at all on my own or with the help from drugs as a result of PCOS.

What were one of the hardest things for you, knowing you had to go through fertility treatment?

My biggest fear was it never happening.

When you found out, how did you feel about having IVF treatment?

I wasn’t shocked, I knew that I wanted kids so badly it wouldn’t be easy.

What kind of fertility treatment did you go through?

I had every drug under the sun… Clomid, Tamoxifen, some others that I don’t remember the name of! And I ended up with IVF.

You mentioned that you didn’t know anybody else who went through IVF. Were you scared about anything going through fertility treatment?

I wasn’t scared I was happy that something was being done about it and I wasn’t being ignored.

Did you seek any support when going through fertility treatment?

I didn’t seek any. I always tend to cope with things on my own.

Were you OK being open with friends and family that you were going to try fertility treatment?

I am really open about it and always have been I hate it when people go silent on the subject.

Were you able to tell your work that you were going through fertility treatment?  Yes I had to because of the amount of blood tests that I had to go to in work time.

What are your top tips for juggling fertility treatment and work-life/home-life?

Ask your work to be sympathetic, mine were amazing.

Did you ever feel embarrassed or self-conscious about going through fertility treatment?

Not at all. It’s not something people should be embarrassed about.

What tips would you share for others going through fertility treatment?

Have a positive mental attitude. Without that I wouldn’t have my daughter.

Do you have any tips for the partners of women going through fertility treatment?

Be supportive and don’t whinge when her hormones are going through the roof.

What have you learnt about yourself having gone through your fertility treatment?

That I am hard core and can go through a lot of s**t to get what I want!

Looking back, what is one of the most memorable moments of your fertility treatment?

Trying to inject myself for IVF for the first time… we were rolling around laughing as I am such a wimp

Can you describe your fertility journey in three words?

Positive, emotional and successful.

Thank you to Faye for sharing her IVF journey. You can also follow Faye’s blog over at Facebook and Instagram @faye_erin_jones.

More IVF journeys will be featured over the coming months.

Photo has been published with permission from Faye. 

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